Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Esther’s Cry

Now, I know what it means to stand for what you believe it. To go against the tide is going against the normalities of life. To stand up for God’s beloved and for His Word is queer for many. Such is utter foolishness to the eyes of the world and its governments. Yet, not to the eyes of the King of kings.

I once thought that being a Malacañang beat reporter was easy. But I began to sense fear when I began associating with the other known personalities, mostly with some of the presidential speakers. I’m fully aware that adding connections means risk – a risk that takes me out of my comfort zone of being neutrally complacent from any side of the issue.

And so comes my side to be with Israel in the Palestinian statehood appeal at UN.

I have to speak and yet I was afraid. Not everybody’s interested in this issue. When I asked it in the Daily Press Briefing, the other journalists laughed at me because it was so off to our usual national concerns. What does the Philippines benefit from Israel, they might think. It’s obvious that siding with bigger Arab countries give us more advantage as there are more OFWs risiding there compared to Israel.

Yet, they do not see the consequences of taking sides against Israel.

Biblically, Israel is a blessed nation. The promise that the Lord gave to Abraham, the statement that said “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”, is still in effect today. Now, who says that it is null and void? Some claim that the Bible says so because the blessings are now in the Gentiles and not in the Jews anymore. But, that doesn’t mean that God has forgotten His promise to His people for He said that He will come back and forever He is their God. They may have been very stubborn, but still they are a promised people and it is in their land that Jesus will establish His kingdom when He comes back.

I’ve seen how our country suffered in 2009 when we voted against Israel in the Goldstone report. Right after we agreed to accuse Israel on her allegedly war crimes at the Gaza strip, the typhoon Ondoy came and after that was the Maguindanao massacre. Coincidence? There’s no such thing. God had marked His Word. Judgement to those who will go against His apple of the eye. (Zechariah 2:8)

When I took my stand to pursue the issue at the Daily Press Briefing, it sounded to be foolish to many. Still, I pray that the person I’ve spoken to will look at the information and appeal I’ve sent to her. Just then, I remembered Esther, who was told that she might be there in the king’s palace in such a time that God’s people are in danger of Haman. For such a time as this…my heart wailed…there is a purpose into where I am…

A seed has been planted. I may not see results if the appeal has gone to the president, but let God bless those who stood up for His beloved.

May the Lord spare His beloved. Until now, I can’t believe why have I been placed here in Malacañang. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is how it means to stand in the gap…

…and should I perish, I perish. May the Lord justify the seed He had let me planted in this place.


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  1. mighty warrior princess of King of all kings, we are made to be victorious. 🙂 dadaanin natin sila sa prayers. Bloom where you are planted.

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