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My First Working Trip

Even though far away, still busy writing news for the dayDarn, I can't prove that Mt. Mayon is just outside the window...shoo, clouds! >_<

Oh, Bicol…my parents’ hometown. For the fourth time, I was able to return…thanks to the president’s event there. I consider this a blessing, that right after the event, we’d stay at a nice, clean hotel and eat good food – all for free! But what I’ve looked forward to is being back to my blood ancestors’ birthplace. From here, races were mixed, and hope again, for the nth time, I’d be able to trace my Oriental and Hispanic roots. Plus, I hope my budget is enough to buy pili nuts haha. I don’t mind if I have to write a lot. Right now, I’ll just write to my heart’s content. :))

Shifting Local Parameters

I’m not astounded by the pool of Korean correspondents who went to the Palace last Monday. Together with the palace’s usual reporters, they had arrived to watch out SK Pres. Lee Myung-Bak’s state visit to the Philippine’s highest leader. Somehow, though they look totally different from us, I find them as a common sight. Maybe, because I meet a lot of their brothers anywhere I go.

The sight of SK media and diplomats remind me of how they are flourishing in the city streets, especially in posh, business districts like Ortigas. But it’s a wonder that even though I see them blend in the dusty, Manila façade, I rarely see them go along with Pinoys.

Birds of the same feather, flock together, they say. I somehow understood that foreign nationals would go with their own kind because of the similarities of their interests, much like we Filipinos would go along with our own brothers when staying abroad. But I notice that we, Pinoys, are confident enough to be friendly with the other nationalities. My theory: we have become adapted to an international tongue called English.

And this is what other Asians envy us for. This is the reason a rich nation like SK would be willing to send its people so we can teach them a language not born in our motherland. Indeed, Pres. Aquino see this as a positive indication that the nation is getting an improvement in its working environment. It’s no wonder English Korean schools came about like mushrooms.

I used to be one of the jobless people given a short stint in a small English school – for at least two months. Thanks to these English schools owned by Korean heads, we’re given jobs and our economy is given a chance to boost a healthy influx of wealth. I tried to be happy with the nicer students, though. But soon I realized that I wasn’t being productive at all because I felt I was not taken cared of as an employee.

It’s the same when I worked in a BPO company. I realized I wasn’t enjoying my job because it’s not my dream. But here’s another reason: this local employee produces wealth for the foreign employer.

We might be thankful that foreign investors come into the country and help our economy. They make themselves rich through our manpower and resources. The government in turn, get a good deal through the influx of money through our skills. But the law of investments is something that does not get a balanced give and take rule. I believe it’s the investors who get the largest percentage of these investments while we only get a small part of it (even though the salary looks big in our terms because of our low way of living from these foreign investors).

I’m not saying that working for a foreign boss is a sin. I’m also not saying that having foreign investors make money in our country is bad. I appreciate how the government makes an effort to invite these big guys to help the economy from falling into a case similar to the Eurozone crisis. But I just hope we won’t depend too much on them. Pinoys got their own skills to manage a business. But I just guess it’s the attitude that hinder us to do so.

We have this get-rich mindset. We rather waste our money for a lotto ticket everyday than investing one-time-big-time in a small business.  When we do get a good business, most of us are focused on getting rich rather than serving its customers – a major reason bankruptcy sets in a business. Having a selfish goal makes one a not-so-good leader in a business. Most of us do not understand that one who has a business should be a leader – not a devilish tycoon – especially to its employees.

It’s no wonder a business website named the Philippines as one of the worst countries for setting up a business. It just takes character and determination. I’d really like to agree with PNoy that we have to change our mindset if we really want to be a well-off country. Being rich is not because of how large our wealth is. It is by becoming good stewards of this huge wealth; just like the parable of the talents in Luke.

It’s time that we mend our ways. Thanks to the government who’s doing its job for the people; but it’s really up to us people to make up for the better. No need to depend on foreign countries. We are capable of sustaining our own provisions and expand it to bigger levels…it just takes the positive side of us to make it possible.

…And the Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulders

As a reporter in the political realm, I’ve become aware of the law and its technicalities. It used to be such a boring subject to me. But because it’s my job, I have to learn and understand it or I would not be an effective media personnel. Little by little, I was becoming used to it and soon, I was already enjoying it. But what amazes me more is how the Lord had shown that He is sovereign over any human law and that the government rightfully belongs to Him. No matter how clever a man of power can be, his wisdom is foolishness in the sight of the everlasting God, as He brings kings and leaders to rise and fall.

For the past week, I’ve monitored developments on a former president’s watchlist that turned sour. Cong. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or CGMA had been defying the law as she tried her best to remain in power as president for 9 nine years. And yet the government today is set out in putting down into justice all those who had done the nation wrong in her administration. One of these was her involvement (or her leading) in the 2007 election fraud.

As cases were filed against her regarding the electoral fraud, the Department of Justice (DOJ) had filed a watchlist against her. It’s kinda weird that she would suddenly become sick and be in need of a bone biopsy at that point in time. I got doubts about that. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court (SC), where which a majority of its justices were her appointees, filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) against her watchlist. The Aquino administration, due to the fact that they were not given a chance to be in an oral argument before releasing the TRO, filed a motion for reconsideration (MR). What the nation watched out for was the en banc session, in which I was assigned to be last Friday.

While waiting for the result of the en banc, I was praying that the Lord would intervene and justice be served. Those charged for a big crime against the nation should not be released to another country, especially when there are doubts on the countries where she wanted to be. But imagine my great disappointment when the SC spokesperson came out and said that the MR is null and the TRO is in full effect. Majority of the justices voted for such results in the en banc session. But I was still hoping that GMA would not leave the country. It would be unfair for her not to be out of the country while a case was filed against her. Besides, I myself found it too weird for the need to get a bone biopsy in abroad while we got good doctors who can perform that here in the Philippines. Wouldn’t that be an insult to our own doctors? On the other hand, it’s unfair that she gets a good treatment for her “condition” while we got thousands of Pinoys who suffer without receiving the proper treatment for their condition because of lack of money

The developments were quick. Earlier that day, DOJ and COMELEC filed electoral sabotage charges to CGMA and other a number of former COMELEC and government officials. Right after the en banc session and before GMA was able to get to her 5:10 pm flight to Singapore, a warrant of arrest was issued against her. Such speed in the Philippine courts is very rare, especially in high-profiled cases like this. Indeed, the Lord intervened because only He can make this happen!

At that point in time, I realized that God is moving in the government. No matter how corrupt or weak it is, when His people pray, He rises and moves like a restless lion. But He needs His children to pray as we have been given authority over the earth (Genesis 1:26). And yet we have to give it back to Him as it is really His all along (Psalms 24:1). But as a gentleman, He will not intervene until we ask Him to.

The government, as one of the pillars of society, rightfully belongs to Him. For the time being, it is lent to man, and yet it is He who appoints and brings down kings (Ps. 75:6-7).

It’s time. We have to continue breaking down the walls of corruption and injustice through prayer and worship. The battle still rages on. God is really at work. He is indeed God and His reign is established – not only in heaven – but also on earth which is His footstool.

Real Life Theories

Sometimes, the subjects that wacked your head in college come back to haunt you in real life. Now, who says theories are just theories. Theories are made because they’re based on real life observations – for some of them, at least.

I will never forget my report on Gerbner’s Theory of Communication. Maybe because I was frustrated not to get my intended expectation on how my report should have gone about then.

So what’s with Gerbner? He studied on how television affects a person: his thinking and his culture. Well, involuntarily, of course. But what was left in me was on how perception varies from watching TV. I mean, not all you see is what you get. For example, when the boob tube shows an unrest in a certain part of a foreign country, most people get the general perception that that whole country’s not safe for travelling.

A single word or a simple phrase can make a violent reaction. As I cover news on the political fora, I watched how a reaction can spur a series of rants…much like watching a telenovela on the primetime news. When somebody gives out an opinion on a certain issue, the opposing party, who might have missed out some words like “maybe” or “as said by” will react negatively. You really have to listen well to get the real message.

I see that the dangers of not getting your message through can be fatal. Words are never mere tools. It’s everybody’s bullet. But it’s up to us when or who to fire at. Each of us are made and raised differently. And so we take up information on different levels.

Now, at least in it’s minute sense, I can understand how my report goes. If I can turn back the time, I might have explained (and presented) it better. Oh, well, at least, it’s never too late to learn so much from life.

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