Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Pedring’s Aftermath

Scattered leaves, broken trees and branches, muddy roads – such greeted me as I left in my clad formally for work. Pedring left almost everything in disarray, its results feared next to Ondoy’s. Somehow, I was glad to see that most of our trees have been “trimmed”. No need to reach those high branches. 🙂

So much of my province, Bulacan, was affected. My mom said it was a blackout before noon yesterday and electricity just flowed back sometime after midnight today. Talk about getting home in pitch darkness. At least, the winds were not as threatening as that yesterday morning.

However, as Pedring was worse than any of this year’s former typhoons, I was thinking that this was a warning from the Lord. Right after Pareng Pedring, another storm is coming tomorrow (who was already named “Quiel”, by the way). The whole of Luzon has not yet recovered from Pedring’s blows and another potentially strong typhoon is looming towards the country. Besides, whenever such an issue on Israel arises and the nation goes with the rest of the world to vote against it, an unusually powerful natural calamity, or an intense tragedy strikes the nation. Now, who says voting against Israel is a nonesense issue?

Coincidence? I don’t think so. But, there are things that move in the spirit that the naked eye cannot see. It manifests in the physical realm but only the spiritual man is able to discern it, as the Apostle Paul said.

Now, I don’t know what’s next for the Philippines. We should continue to fight and pray. Still, I claim that God is in control. And He forever is. Typhoons, calamities, you name it…He knows why such are being allowed. If we are willing to be sensitive to His Spirit, He will let us know…and will give us the wisdom on how to go against it…even if the world says you can’t.


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