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Freedom Off the Walls


Let it go, let it go…

My life is a bit like my struggle with skating. The fun and breathless freedom every skater catches when he glides through the ice can never come if I remained on the wall. I did not realize this until I got into the skating rink. Imagine how my excitement was washed away when I began to struggle against the ice.

Insecurity and fear pushed away my excitement when I came into the rink. Insecurity because I was not good in balancing. Fear because I was scared to fall down and crack a bone. In the first thirty minutes, I looked like an old, frail, ninety-year old granny without a cane. I felt lonesome as my friends were drifting (even while struggling) into the middle of the rink. It’s miserable, as if I was imprisoned on the walls.

I tried to request for an instructor. I waited for a few minutes hoping it would be my turn. But I decided to go on my own.

Let it go, let it go…

And there I was again, struggling like a little toddler on the glass wall. I tried to fend off the embarrassment of falling on my knees. With a little nudge and encouragement from my friends, I had to let go of those walls.

One of my good friends, Lans, who helped me glide along the ice :)

One of my good friends, Lans, who helped me glide along the ice 🙂

Blag! I tried to cower in embarrassment but my friends just laughed it off and helped me up. I had to fall to realize that I can’t stand and even learn on my own. It wouldn’t be fun skating without a friend.

First fall...ouch!

First fall…ouch!

And so, little by little. I was able to glide a bit on my own. Soon, I was skating in the middle of the rink! Yey! I could never have felt that freedom if I had not let go of the walls I had dearly held on.

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the earth and sky

Literally, I was singing that while gliding through the middle. The fear I had felt at first was like when I was swimming through the middle of the pool. That short moment in the ice gave a glimpse that I had been holding a lot of baggages in life…

My pride…to keep me from embarrassment when I make a mistake

My false humility…so I would not be criticized

My insecurity…so I would not be called a fool by the greater authority

The past…to bask in the old glories


Shoes of courage

Shoes of courage

Like those cold, lifeless glass walls, I had to let them go. I don’t have to waste my life clinging to them or I will spend the rest of my life being boring and pointless.

Would you wait for me again, little skating rink? I hope I would be able to skate a bigger rink, not here, but maybe where Queen Elsa lives.. 🙂

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the earth and sky…!

Like a little baby

Fun all the way…!



Crimson Shadow

Just like almost every else in the world, I am one of those who anticipated the “blood moon”. I remember, seeing a lunar eclipse when I was in high school, but not as red as this! But in posting my not-so-good pictures of this phenomenon, I’d like to be different by writing a poem to it. Everything in nature has a message to tell and so all we have to do is to listen and think about it. 🙂

Mysteriously mourning over the horizon

She wraps herself in a cloak of blood
Stained with the darkness of humanity’s iniquity
The blood moon silently wails for our vain glory
She gasps over the wickedness we have magnified
Through her veil she tries to blind herself from our lies
“Where will you go, little man, as the end approaches?
“When the light vanishes from the earth you have claimed?”
Man gape at her crimson stare
They can never fathom the warning she had dared
But in His mercy the Author of Eternity slowly unmasked her glory
Revealing the hope for those who hear and see
The song of salvation meant for humanity
The light of His glory is given freely
For those who would want a life of purity
A friendship that cost us nothing but our surrender
Removing our ashes to wear linen clothes and golden robes
Just like the passing of the moon’s deathly shadow
The pain will vanish, all tears wiped away
For a moment we hear the mourner’s song
But behind that sombre dirge
A promise of a new beginning to be revealed!

Awaking the Dreamer From Within Through Dreambook


I remember that day very well. My best friend and I were pouring our hearts out at a fastfood restaurant, right after our working shift. I was nearly depressed, losing insight of where I was going, boxed in our back office work. She talked right to me on having a goal — or on looking back at my dreams. In an unexpected turn, we began to write our dreams at the back of the small receipt. In it were five year goals. Where should we be after five years? One of those dreams was to become a reporter, being reminded that broadcasting is my first love. Five years after, it came, it was made, and it was done. 🙂

I never thought it would be. I had written loads of other dreams wherein we transferred to bigger sheets. Too bad,I couldn’t check on them for I couldn’t remember where I kept it.

The five-year goal has passed. Now, I am at the limits of my four-cornered world (again) but here comes another blessing in a helpful form.

Instead of a small receipt paper, I am blessed to have Dreambook. Joining its launch at the World Dream Day last September 27 at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4, I was one of those who participated the activities with other dreamers who want to inspire the world.

Led by life coach Claude Sta. Clara, we took a review on the dreams we aspire, and take track on its progress. I got the best surprise when I was picked to have a weekly version copy of the Dreambook journal.

Now, the Dreambook is more profound and helpful than that crude piece of paper. In it are guide questions to recognize your strengths, passions, and your dreams. Like any activity book, it keeps me engaged, with its colorfully designed pages highlight encouraging quotes. It also gives enlightenment on what you may have missed or what you lack to keep you from getting to your dreams, and how to get rid of them. Aside from answering guide questions, you can keep track on where you are by checking your timely status. It keeps you focused on your goal — to fulfill the dream or dreams that you have been long keeping.

The Dreambook is highly recommendable for all. Everyone is a dreamer, and this defines our very purpose on this earth. These dreams are not only for us, but it will bless the many others. Our dreams can come into fulfillment when we pursue them, ignite them, and live them.

And so, I have entered a new dream — dreams, rather, in the Dreambook After five years, I would be able to look at the Dreambook, and see where I would be by then. After dreaming of working in the media a little more than five years ago, I now dream to work in an international media company, and have my own show.

You can grab a copy of the Dreambook at all Powerbooks branches in the Philippines. I guarantee that the inner dreamer in you will be inspired and will rise up through this life coaching journal.

A little glimpse om what's inside Dreambook :)

A little glimpse om what’s inside Dreambook 🙂

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