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Unifying Diversified Thoughts

To know both sides is a matter of humanistic fairness. We are all made in diversity and yet we try to be as fair as we should be, listening to every angle to know the truth behind. In my work as a journalist, I noticed how different government and civilians views are to one another. Besides that, in every sectors of society, different groups have emerged, taking up a stand for something…or someone.

It’s fortunate to be a free nation, giving a chance for every voice to be heard. I’ve been to different rallies, and I wonder how and where do they get their passion to fight for their cause and rally in the streets no matter how small their numbers can be.

The government in turn tries to appease every groups. But no matter how, not everyone can be appeased. The fight and the call will never end…until both sides will humble themselves and listen.

It’s not an evil thing to be passionate for a cause. It is the one thing that keeps us determined to fight for it. Without it, there’s no reason to live. Yet, one thing that society lacks is humility. I understand that if we lay down ourselves, unlearn the twisted views we have on one another, and listen, nothing can be solved and it will remain as a cycle in generations after generations.

No matter how the government tries to make the most systematic plans for the economy, no matter how loud every NGO’s cry for appeal, every action we make will just bounce on each other’s wall of pride. We expect the government to do everything we demand, the government in return maintains its auspiciousness despite of the transparency it magnifies. It takes two to tango. Without humility, we’ll be blinded by our suspicions until we grab the power handed to us.

But here’s the One thing that we’ve been missing in our society. Our trust in God. Ok, I don’t mean to sound religious here. The Philippines has been considered as the only Christian nation in Asia…but that does not mean we fully trust Him. We can say “In God we trust,” just like the first American government, but we can say without leaving our hearts to Him. Once we do, that is the sign of genuine humility. It’s like saying, “We’re partners in nation building, God.”

It is not an easy thing and to see this must take a lot. We have to be ready to lay down and unlearn our poisonous doctrines in order to push through for a revived society.

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