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Ink On My Fingers

I did not expect myself to become a fan of modern calligraphy. I just joined a workshop


Messy firsts at the workshop…

for the sake of seeing my friend Jenna again. But when I learned how to do cursive strokes with that calligraphy pen, it was magic. I got a new hobby.

I used to be interested with calligraphy when I was in highschool. Back then, I used to have a calligraphy book, which was a guide for writing various fonts. I bought it to copy artistic lettering using a ballpen. But I did not bother looking for an appropriate pen in writing these fonts.

Now that I had my own pen holder, nib, and ink, I was a little mad looking for scribbling pads. Although this hobby is beginning to spread here in the Philippines, items for this art


Another messy first 🙂

can only be found in specialty stores. I had to order pads online as I cannot find a store that sells these wondrous calligraphy items (which was an agony waiting for my order for days).

My first works were messy. I used too much ink in some of the letters. I even had the trouble of writing these letters, especially that I am left handed. Calligraphy ink would not dry easily, so I had to wait some time for the letters to dry. I had to readjust on how I handle the pen.

The more I improved, the more I enjoy it. But for the meantime, I wonder where would I use this newfound skill in the future. As for now, I’ll just enjoy scribbling away.


Jenna and I showing off our works of art 🙂

The Hole On the Wall (Short Story on Twitter)

My first attempt to write a short story on Twitter. But not as good as those made by the British novelist David Mitchell. I was inspired by writers like him to put into social media creativity in literature. I was inspired by the gloominess of the weather and the silence in the kitchen. But I think what I’ve done could not keep the momentum I’ve placed on the first tweets for the story. Oh well, I’d be glad to have suggestions and tips on writing a good story on Twitter.

The ChairThe skies outside was becoming gloomier, covering the last hope in her frail, gaunt physique. #storytime

Lauren’s colorless eyes looked beyond the window, hoping for a knock on the door. Instead there was a scratch on her wall. #storytime

She turned and saw nothing, except for a pair of two glass-like eyes through the hole behind the chair where she was sitting. #storytime

As the pair of eyes glistened in the faint light of the dusty, yellow bulb, Lauren clutched the table beside her in shock #storytime

“Why are you afraid?” the voice coming from the hole asked. “I am your friend. I have been watching you.” #storytime

The elderly woman, now trembling, shuddered even more as the cold wind blew through the window. She braved herself to look closer #storytime

“Who…who are you?” Lauren asked, her raspy voice rising from her parched throat #storytime

The eyes drew away from the light as she tried to come near to see them. “I am…a friend.” It answered, its voice almost hallow #storytime

The thunderstorm roared outside. But Lauren’s attention was drawn to the strange hidden creature. “Come nearer.” She pleaded #storytime

“I have seen your tears and your fears.” the voice, hallow just like the hole where it was hidden, echoed in a bizarre tone #storytime

Lauren can’t shove off her attention the strange pair of eyes. Her fingers,like needles hanging loosely on a sewing machine,touched the hole

“Why are you here?” Lauren asked, trying not to hold her breath in her weakened lungs. #storytime

“To set you…free.” The creature said. “I have seen your struggles as you have nothing to pay this house. But I have a deal” #storytime

Oh, yes.Lauren has too old and weak to pay for this old house. They want her out so they can have her house and sell her property #storytime

“What is the deal, then?” Lauren asked, eager to hear the deal she might get. For the sake of freedom #storytime

The voice answered, its voice becoming more eerie, “Give me your reflection.” #storytime

Lauren laughed, struggling for breath in every snicker, “I won’t give youy relection. It’s too beautiful for you to have.” #storytime

The voice snickered in its eerie, hallow tone. “That is the best that you can give. If not, they will come and get your house.” #storytime

“I ain’t got money, I ain’t got anybody, so don’t get mine only face.” Lauren said. But then the pair of eyes slowly vanished. #storytime

“Wait a minute!” She cried, desperately trying to catch the creature as she plunged her fingers into the hole. #storytime

“The deal is done!” The creature said, vanishing from sight. Desperately, Lauren grabbed the kitchen knife. #storytime

For years, Lauren kept care of this reflection admired by the men around her. She would not let anybody have her reflection #storytime

Old as she was, tried to break down the wall as the pair of eyes sunk into darkness. She must force it for a better deal #storytime

But when she tore open quite a large portion of that wooden wall that housed the hole… #storytime

…not a pair of eyes but a piece of a broken mirror, reflecting a sagging, sad, bitter reflection she did not realize to have #storytime

The voice that she had heard was her own. And the eyes were the eyes of the unknown creature she had become. #storytime

At last the knock came upon the door. It was the lawyer she was waiting for. The only hope and salvation to save this house. #storytime

And when the lawyer entered she was nowhere to be found. All that was there was a torn wall and a broken mirror. #storytime

Little Respite, Big Blessings

It’s been a month since I’ve resigned from my job. There has been lesser thrills and even lesser frills. I would admit that I am already impatient to get into a new job. For the moment, I am looking at the blessings of having my “vacation mode”.

One my say that my decision to leave my job was foolishness. Perhaps. But the peace I gained when I decided to leave that company was a sign that it was time. This temporary respite from the competitive world is a season to rest and to prepare for the next season. It became my time of reflection; thinking of the new possibilities of facing another world.

Here are the simple, good things I’m experiencing in this respite:

1. Healthy living – In this brief season, I have found out how intoxicated I’ve become when I was working. I am a typical

Bananas, mangoes, and black rice...my everyday diet (",)

Bananas, mangoes, and black rice…my everyday diet (“,)

workaholic in an eight hour shift, not eating lunch until my work is done. I eat too much when I take a break – too much preservatives and fast food junk. But when I stayed at home, my mom would feed me with the more organic food such as *gasp* black rice. Yes, folks, better than the usual white rice than Filipinos consume everyday. It is richer in fibre and antioxidants. I even get to enjoy my morning banana and mango shake. Then I’d have apple mangoes and Indian mangoes straight from our trees. This is life, as one may call it.

Compared to when I was working, I could now get my eight hour sleep (add it with a five hour siesta if I don’t have much to do in this scorching heat at home). Before, I have been stressed even while I sleep. I had even dreamed my job every night – that is a nightmare for me! But it’s a good thing I don’t experience that now. My mom would tell me my eye bags slowly vanish. I don’t even have to compete for a bus ride home. I don’t experience the stress of waiting at the MRT queue for two hours anymore.

People noticed how I became thinner even though I’ve been staying quite so long at home. Perhaps, my metabolism became faster due to my healthier choice of meals.

2. Oh, the love of writing – Indeed, I could write again! I’ve been writing daily news articles and public announcements for four years, but not novels. I’ve had a gazillion stacked in my head. I’ve begun a few of them ten years ago without ever finishing them. When I got down to work and my fingers railed across the keyboards, I was stunned. I never thought it was difficult to write novels…much more the ones left a decade ago. They nearly wracked my brain as I polished them with details and events, twists and plots. It’s hard to put in words what have been circulating in your imagination. Now, I’m done and there are more waiting to lie down on the blank white pages of the Microsoft Word. The next step would be publishing. That’s what I have to worry soon.

One of my successful baking attempts: oatmeal cookies with Nutella filling

One of my successful baking attempts: oatmeal cookies with Nutella filling

3. Baking – Even though they end up as fudge bars, I will do my best to bake. It takes time, passion, and a hungry stomach. It’s fun, especially when your mom appreciates your baking.

4. Plans for studying – So as to make sure that cookies will end up as cookies and fudge bars as fudge bars, I need to learn and retrain. One day, it could become my business; I’m not planning to be an office girl forever. Another course I needed (I think) is to study English again…add that up with critical thinking using this language. I need retraining; this would be necessary for my next job.

5. More time to pray – The most important but the one I’ve missed most when I was in that company. Whenever I’d come home after work, I’d flop down on my bed without praying. I’d struggle to pray at times, leaving me with a five-minute, quick-dash, heartless prayer. But these times are different. I’d stay in my room for an hour or so just to have quiet times with God. With this, I am more strengthened and encouraged. We can’t go on the whole day without His presence. I realized how it is important to spend quiet times with God day and night, so that we can learn from His Word and listen to His voice. It also brings us closer to His heart. I’ve missed the day and night practice when I resigned from my first job, causing me to worry all the time. I’ve even missed this when I was working, causing me to be always stressed. I just pray that this prayer lifestyle would not change but flourish when I go back to work. I am still learning though. But now, I began to have deep peace. And this would only come through our daily fellowship with God.

Do I need to worry? I guess not. In all these things, I believe the Lord is in control. So, while waiting, I need to spend a lot of quality time with myself, my family, and the Lord. 🙂

Taking A Peek at “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”: A Therapy From Reality’s Bite

Since Thursday, I can't wait to go home just to read where I've stopped. And I'm glad to finish it this Saturday afternoon. If it weren't for work, I could have just finished this in one day :)

Since Thursday, I can’t wait to go home just to read where I’ve stopped. And I’m glad to finish it this Saturday afternoon. If it weren’t for work, I could have just finished this in one day 🙂

These past two weeks had been strenuous for me. So, strenuous, I’ve had dreams (or should I call them gentle nightmares) of my heavy coverages. I couldn’t believe woke up Monday morning from dreaming of Senator Bong Revilla when he surrendered at Sandiganbayan. It did horrified me when I woke up the next day after dreaming of Senator Jinggoy Estrada when he surrendered Camp Crame for the next day. These, the pork barrel scam issue, and other concerns at work, have been ticking me off when I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though I’ve been witnessing soon-to-be momentous histories, my job as a journalist is so exhausting and routinary, I’d sometimes think of quitting. If only I’d like to sit down and have a world of my own…or discover an extraordinary life I never had before.

So did Jacob Portman, the main character of a book entitled “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”. From a lonely life as a teenager in a well-off family, he did not realize what was in store for him as he discover the strange truth behind his grandfather and his own identity. Thanks to a good friend of mine, this book had been my theraphy after work. “Miss Peregrine’s” has served as an escape for me after the gruelling reality of news and politics. Every page brought me to Jacob’s world of Before and After and its ending made me hooked for what’s next.

Oops…I’ll keep myself from being a spoiler for those who haven’t read the book.

The cover might give the impression of a horror story for those who are not familiar with this book. An old past century photograph of a poker faced girl rising above the ground might give the creeps, add it with a backdrop of a couple of dead trees against an unexplored forest. But when you begin reading, it’s not meant to give you goosebumps with everything peculiar in the story. Rather, it keeps you excited in every mystery answered (and still undiscovered) in Jacob’s trip.

So, what’s up with Miss Peregrine’s House and her peculiar children? What’s Jacob’s doing in this book anyway? You have to read it to find out.

On the other hand, I’d like to commend the author Ransom Riggs for writing “Miss Peregrine’s”. It was very cleverly-made and creatively-rich for being his first book. Impressively, he put together a well-made story from a collection of vintage photos, as they all matched the narrative and the mystery it enclosed.

For those who wonder what “Miss Peregrine” has in store for you, all I can say it got all the mystery that Sherlock Holmes couldn’t beat and the excitement more worth than a 24-hour jet ride to your vacation. Yes, not to mention peculiar people (and children), time travelling, and odd but powerful opposition. Even my mom, a real book lover, couldn’t resist it. Now, she’s demanding for the second book. And yes, it’s published!

Now that I’m done with it, I hope I can begin with its sequel “Hollow City”. I need to convince my friend to lend it to me this week. 🙂

The Pen Into Your Heart

There is a rising madness from within
Walls enclosing, silence prevailing
I see a window but you see a hole
The rest see nothing but an empty casing
My key is my pen and my door is my paper
Through them I see you, my beloved, the one
But when the last line has been penned by the last drop
You run away secretly
Breaking my heart in this madness


I write instead of pinning myself away this long vacation. As the Holy Week wanders away, I try to buy my time by being with my pen (er, laptop) and my paper (I mean, broadband). I missed writing, as well as the vision that brought this obsession to write down everything that springs out of my heart. 🙂

Writing Pains

I woke up at almost 2 o’ clock in the morning just to write my script. In the state of surprise, I rushed to my still open netbook and typed away. Focused and alert, I did not notice how I’ve finished my long script in a jiffy.

Somebody told me I’m a very intelligent person because I write well. Being a student who joined journalism clubs and wrote for school columns, I was a bit popular among my peers. I even once thought that being a writer makes one exclusive. But through the years, I realized that being a writer does not make you the brightest person in the world. Rather, it’s a talent and gift with a purpose, and not made for bragging.

It’s a gift to the one who will use it well and a curse who will use it senselessly. I don’t know why some thought it’s very intelligent to write eloquently without really making a straight point. Just like any other skill, it’s not made for the writer to be famous but as a help to the public. Let me tell you that it can also be a puzzle. It’s challenging to put every information together, while constructing a very clear and concrete point.

Hard to be a writer? Yes. Very much. But no skill can be developed without it being tested on harsh waters. Waking up in the wee hours in the morning is one. But, when furnished, there’s fulfillment. Besides, whatever talent and skill you have, your passion can never die even if it is thrown into the fire. Living the passion just points one to where he should belong. To know one’s gift brings him to his convergence point. This is what everyone should discover in himself, for when we find our assignment, we would know what is our purpose in our generation.

I might not know how big can my script make an impact to the society. All I know is that I should do my job well. Popularity should not be an issue. When the real purpose of one’s skill is forgotten, chances are, the skill can be forgotten, too. When we practice our skills and gifts, may be remember the generation to whom these skills will impact, as we are part of this big world that we take part in rebuilding.

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