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Nearing the End of the Long Wait!

I don’t know what causes me to write romantic poems these days. Maybe it’s this little song of longing kept in my soft, feminine heart leaking out after twenty-eight years of unusually not getting into a relationship.

I once thought I am tough enough to go without a man in my life. Well, I soon realized that need for that “man who will lavish me with love”.

I am proud of being an NBSB girl (“No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth). I was raised with the culture of school-home-school-friends-home turned into office-home-sleep-office-office-field-office-sleep! šŸ™‚ I tried not to care with my nonchalant routine.

Though I’d go with friends during my idle moments, I never thought I’d begin to long for the “man after God’s own heart”.

Only a few months, I began to pray, very specifically, the one made for me. It surprised me though, because it has never been in a prayer list for years.

Like a teenager, I’m excited to be in a relationship. However, I’m concerned on how I’d handle it.

Am I ready? I believe I am. But is he ready? I’m sure that the Lord will have us bump into each other when His season is right and we’re prepared to face a new world together. Therefore, I’ll wait. And like a wonderful treasure hidden in the deep for thousands of years, I shall emerge with glory the moment my beloved finds me. ā¤

Weekend Dilemma

Two days and a snore
I can’t figure out the score
When you think you’re losing them all
With a few minutes left no more

Two days and a snore
How you betrayed when I asked for more
Don’t you see how I waited in sore
And when you came you did not cure my bore

Two days and a snore
Can’t you add yourself for me?
A few minutes you’re walking at the door
In five days and a wink I’ll be waiting for you once more

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