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A Sleepless Petition

My spirit stirring in the night
I am reminded of this one soul
My body resting and my eyes shut
To a surreal world I was ready to embark

Yet I was continually bothered with this distant soul
What was she anyway to me?
She had nothing to do with anything in my life
But for the sake of silence I sat up in strife

Then the Good Father reminded me of her needs
The loss covered by her lofty deeds
There He poured out His love for this wandering soul
To bring her back to Him is His heart’s goal

I wonder why a distant me should stand in the gap
To ask for her to return to the Father’s lap
Then I wondered if anybody has been praying for the removal of her yoke
When they thought she was already complete and whole

Out of the darkness when my petition was poured
The peace of His heart in me soared
Then I knew I have released and decreed His deepest desire
And from here my spirit lay silent all through the night

Quiet Hopes and Silent Prayers

This little piece of paper has been on my wall for almost two years. Seeing the names of my friends  and family members I long to be in the Lord made me guilty as I have not been praying much for them these months – or for almost a year. I could still remember how I laid my hands on their names every night with great expectation and hope they would come to the Lord. Now, as their names were gaining house dust, I am still hoping that there would be changes in their lives.

I know how a lot of us expect too much when we pray. On the onset that we don’t get answers as quickly as we want, we have the tendency to give up. It’s because we don’t see with the eyes of faith. But what we don’t know, something is happening in the spiritual realm.

The Bible has been very clear that our battle is not in the flesh but with spiritual forces (Eph. 6:12). We are usually deceived by what we see. Actually, everything that happens in the physical is just a manifestation of the spiritual world. One way is through our words – there is power in them. Even a mere joke can become real. When we cling to what we see and loose faith on what we are hoping for, chances are, we won’t get what we’re praying for.

But I believe the time will come that everything that we have been praying for a long time will be done so suddenly, we won’t believe it’s happening. When revival comes in, things will be so fast that the salvation of multitudes will be so great. The people we have been praying for will come before the Lord altogether. But it will happen if we continuously and earnestly seek the Lord. But we can only do that if we have deep, deep passion and hunger for Jesus to return and reign on this earth.

I’m one of those groaning to see revival. I remember talking to a friend yesterday how we’ve been waiting to see the hand of the Lord move in such a way that everything we know will change. I’m tired of the architype church and society we’ve been raised to. I want a realy Holy Spirit movement and awakening. I’m tired of the hypocrisy we generate saying that by good works we win souls, but it’s only by the Spirit of the Lord deliverance and salvation be done. I’m tired of the restrictions we give to the Lord’s Spirit by setting a program based on human knowledge. When the Lord comes, He has ways we don’t agree and that will surely offend many. What we’ve been praying for in days, weeks, or years will suddenly come and happen – for I believe that this year will be a year of SUDDENLY.

Can’t for the Lord to come back, shake everything until He remains. I believe we’re nearing that season. Right now, we are at its “birth pangs”. For now the Lord has one word: WAIT.

We’ll keep on waiting while praying and worshipping. Just like the apostles in the beginning of Acts, they did not move and spread out until God’s appointed time. May we be granted patience and endurance as we press on by waiting for His move. May we learn how to trust in Him fully as we continuously seek Him with all our hearts.

When the time comes, I hope I’ll never be surprised when all the names in my paper turn to the Lord. Let His perfect will be done…

Reawakening the Dream

One week to go…it will be my first time for the Empowered 21 Congress…upon preparation for the outpour on that week, a dream has been reawakened. And I thought I had lost it forever.

For once again, the Lord reminded me of raising up houses of prayers. I can still remember how He revealed to me two years ago (if my memory serves me right) that He wants to raise up HOPs. I had limited it to be only in my first company that I was in then, so I struggled to build it up. But in my pride, it fell apart. Soon, growing tired in my job, I gave it up and gave up that dream. I was so disappointed that I thought He gave it all up especially on me – since I was not that successful. But for once again, He was rearranging the puzzle before me eyes. This time, it’s not all about me but it’s by His Spirit.

A friend raised up the idea of raising up young people for intercession days ago and I liked being a part of it. But there was confusion on our schedules (since media work is sometimes an impulsive mistress) and so we have to pray about it. Just today, in our weekly prayer meeting, with another friend, we have received word that in order for the church to be prepared for revival, we have to raise young people for HOPs.

Coincidence? No such thing. I believe this is the season. God is just waiting for anybody to respond and take the challenge. I must admit it’s scary…raising up kids to pray and leading them as a discipler…then you have people around you who are not like-minded as you…then strategies and plans that may leave us proud…then attacks and all those factors that can be shot at you in mid-air. But the Lord assured that not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.

He is really teaching us to fully trust in Him.

I really believe it is time. I once thought that dream of raising up HOPs were lost forever. But for the Lord, when a dream has not been fulfilled at one time, will be done in another season. It’s like what Mordecai told Esther that deliverance to the endangered Jews may come in another place if not then and there at Susa. I cried, asking the Lord not for me to compromise to pride and self-recognition. Let me become nameless and faceless as He calls me as a forerunner of forerunners. It’s not only me who’s calling, but He’s raising up more of us. We just need His strength and courage…and His utmost grace.

Revival will not come if no one will cry out for the Lord to come. A generation passes by. Therefore, another generation must continue our dream to see the Lord come and reign in this nation. I’ve dreamed to see HOPs raised up not only in my town, not only in my nation, but in the whole world. The fire nights we experience at JRev will be more intense in these HOPs as the young people raised for these places will cry out and rend their hearts out to the Bridegroom to come, come, come and walk in our midst.

It’s not just the HOPs that I dream of. I dream for His glory to pour out and cover the earth like the waters cover the sea. I dream for all men to bow down and cover their faces as His full glory is being reveled before all races. I dream for all hearts to come and surrender before Jesus. I dream for all governments to give up their own crowns and titles to the only King of kings. I dream of justice fully fulfilled as the Judge of nations come and straighten out all things in order. And I dream for His church to fully become spotless and blameless completely – and therefore He shall come and take her away.

A dream will remain a dream if we hold on to our own fears. As I lay it down, let the Lord fulfill this dream that comes from His heart. I realized it is not my dream but it is His actually. Ah yes, we are just vessels of His dream. He has put it in our hearts for us to know and be one with Him in fulfilling it. Indeed, we are just partakers of what is in His heart, but like children who realized their father’s dream, we are excited to see our Papa’s dream be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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