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Broken Kingdom

Let the walls break
The foundations come crashing down
The earth cracks open
And the mountains crumble and fall
Would you but not wince
At the blood-stained sun
While I try to catch the waters
From the drying oceans we knew
But we will not vanish
With this world dying in pain
From our faded bodies new wings
Break forth upon our spines
With bloodied hands we build
A new world filled with hope
Bring forth a kingdom long declared
To last for a time and forevermore

Writing Pains

I woke up at almost 2 o’ clock in the morning just to write my script. In the state of surprise, I rushed to my still open netbook and typed away. Focused and alert, I did not notice how I’ve finished my long script in a jiffy.

Somebody told me I’m a very intelligent person because I write well. Being a student who joined journalism clubs and wrote for school columns, I was a bit popular among my peers. I even once thought that being a writer makes one exclusive. But through the years, I realized that being a writer does not make you the brightest person in the world. Rather, it’s a talent and gift with a purpose, and not made for bragging.

It’s a gift to the one who will use it well and a curse who will use it senselessly. I don’t know why some thought it’s very intelligent to write eloquently without really making a straight point. Just like any other skill, it’s not made for the writer to be famous but as a help to the public. Let me tell you that it can also be a puzzle. It’s challenging to put every information together, while constructing a very clear and concrete point.

Hard to be a writer? Yes. Very much. But no skill can be developed without it being tested on harsh waters. Waking up in the wee hours in the morning is one. But, when furnished, there’s fulfillment. Besides, whatever talent and skill you have, your passion can never die even if it is thrown into the fire. Living the passion just points one to where he should belong. To know one’s gift brings him to his convergence point. This is what everyone should discover in himself, for when we find our assignment, we would know what is our purpose in our generation.

I might not know how big can my script make an impact to the society. All I know is that I should do my job well. Popularity should not be an issue. When the real purpose of one’s skill is forgotten, chances are, the skill can be forgotten, too. When we practice our skills and gifts, may be remember the generation to whom these skills will impact, as we are part of this big world that we take part in rebuilding.

Reconnecting Our Technological Gaps

Kuya Gil Boy and Ate Liza learning how to make an email account. I've become a one day computer teacher to my old folks :P

Kuya Gil Boy and Ate Liza learning how to make an email account. I’ve become a one day computer teacher to my old folks ­čśŤ

I wanted to chuckle as my brother and my sis-in-law learned how to make an e-mail account. But I couldn’t. They were just too serious then. I can’t believe how we’ve all aged well.

As Kuya Gil Boy and Ate Liza dropped by to ask how to send a file to my own e-mail account (due to the massive lack of USBs in the house), I explained to them that they can’t send it without having an account themselves. So, I had to help them make one. While explaining why a username should be unique or why a password should be complicated,┬áAte Liza made notes on the step-by-step process on paper. I smirked deep within as they argued between themselves what username to create or what to jot down on their paper.

It was a funny moment for me. And yet, I am surprised what a huge jump my generation has gone from theirs.

Oh, by the way, I’m more than a decade younger than my two siblings.

Looking at them, I couldn’t believe how fast our generation has accelerated. From cassette tapes to micro USBs, we’re now beyond our parents’ imagination. My mom, just like most of the retirees in her generation, is afraid of learning how to use the computer. She told me how the older teachers in the school she once taught lost enthusiasm in learning the computer because of that impatient, rude, young instructor. Somehow, the gap between the older and the younger generation is not only through technology, but in values as well.

My parents lived in a time when everything went slowly. Even my Kuya was torn between the provincial society and the cultural revolution in the 70’s and 80’s. My generation is a microwave generation — we want it all fast and instant. The thinking and mindset between our generations varies. Because of the slow pace of the first decades after Commonwealth, I observed how old people in my mom’s generation tend to be patient. Most kids in my time have the tendency to be impatient.

And so, just like the young computer teacher my mom described, I felt I had the tendency to be impatient, too. It’s because in our viewpoint, we expect everyone to know what we know and learn as fast as we kids do.

But here is a lesson my generation should learn. I could have raised my voice while teaching my folks, expecting them to catch up as fast as I expect them to. But I have to remember that their thinking is not my thinking.

The style of education they received is not the same as mine.

I realized that while teaching my folks the art of e-mail creation, I felt that technology is a way to connect between our generations. I was able to share to them what I know, and somehow helped them in their need.

As we young people teach our older folks, I hope we learn how to reset our value of patience. In this way, we can connect with them.  Not only would they learn from us, but we learn from them, as well. Love is needed while teaching, whereas we set aside their incapacity and help them get through it.

Growing in an Extreme Generation

Nope…this is not an┬áactual gang war. This was during a Pilipinas Natin meet last Saturday, where young people and some Gawad Kalinga volunteers were gathered in UST grounds. Since the theme was mostly youth oriented, much of the performances were of hype.

Kids…I wonder how they had the energy to bang their heads in that awful weather. My shoes (and my mood) turned almost at its worst when I crossed the muddy grounds, but had to do it for the sake of following an event. But these kids, they danced the weather away. They did not mind the mud that stuck between their toes, no one dared to cover their heads or their shoulders from the cold raindrops, or not one had thought of quitting the show. Their energy was way up to the clouds.

That’s how hyper young people can be these days. My mom would wonder how come they would be that energetic. Some theorized it is because of the atomized baby milk or strangely formulated vitamins that our parents bought to make us the next little einsteins that they can show off on stage. Others thought that it’s the evolution of DNA…perhaps the answer to the long-questioned “missing link”. Maybe these kids are the missing link – except that they don’t look like missing monkeys.

All right, I’m not really serious on that part.

This generation is made this way.. But let me tell you that this generation is different…and it’s not because of vitamins or any silly theory.The DNA of this generation is exclusively intense compared to your dad’s or my mom’s forty year ago. We are an intensely exited generation, we go to extremes, just like the volume of our iPods. We want to explore the strange and we are quick in analyzing. Before, our dads, when they were young, rely on manuals. But boys today, don’t need them. I, for instance, set the manual aside and learn by trial and error – without ruining the gadget. We automatically guess things right.

This is not to brag, but this is a sign that we’re in the season of acceleration.

The Lord is bringing out a generation that is bold and extreme. Such generation is the one that He will use to excitedly shout His Name to the ends of the earth, the one that will shamelessly stand on His Word, and the one that will boldly stand in the midst of persecution. Such boldness and energy will be used to spread His salvation, for such is willing to go through the unknown and reach the unreached.

But the enemy is ready to crush them down.

The same energy I saw during the Pilipinas event is almost the same as those in the JRev nights I go to. The youth, when they exert their energy on something, they will give their all. The enemy can use their energy to stray them into wordly things, and young people tend to waste their lives into such that may destroy them in the end. No, I’m not saying the secular bands are evil, but people, when fully focused on to things other than the Lord, can make us forget the love of our Maker. Man, such is the seeming sweet things of this world. But sweeter is the glory of the Lord.

What if, these kids, that I saw dancing in the rain, are filled with the fire of the Lord? I can bet they will rock the earth more than they did last Saturday. Power from the glory of the Lord is raw and way beyond you can handle. But, when filled into vessels of energy, it is manifested with intensity. Thus, the world will shake and tremble, especially when these vessels cry altogether the Name of the Lord all over the earth.

That time will come. But I wonder how old I would be then? I pray, I would be able to see that, and not mind my earthly age that might already be waning away.


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