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Awaking the Dreamer From Within Through Dreambook


I remember that day very well. My best friend and I were pouring our hearts out at a fastfood restaurant, right after our working shift. I was nearly depressed, losing insight of where I was going, boxed in our back office work. She talked right to me on having a goal — or on looking back at my dreams. In an unexpected turn, we began to write our dreams at the back of the small receipt. In it were five year goals. Where should we be after five years? One of those dreams was to become a reporter, being reminded that broadcasting is my first love. Five years after, it came, it was made, and it was done. 🙂

I never thought it would be. I had written loads of other dreams wherein we transferred to bigger sheets. Too bad,I couldn’t check on them for I couldn’t remember where I kept it.

The five-year goal has passed. Now, I am at the limits of my four-cornered world (again) but here comes another blessing in a helpful form.

Instead of a small receipt paper, I am blessed to have Dreambook. Joining its launch at the World Dream Day last September 27 at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4, I was one of those who participated the activities with other dreamers who want to inspire the world.

Led by life coach Claude Sta. Clara, we took a review on the dreams we aspire, and take track on its progress. I got the best surprise when I was picked to have a weekly version copy of the Dreambook journal.

Now, the Dreambook is more profound and helpful than that crude piece of paper. In it are guide questions to recognize your strengths, passions, and your dreams. Like any activity book, it keeps me engaged, with its colorfully designed pages highlight encouraging quotes. It also gives enlightenment on what you may have missed or what you lack to keep you from getting to your dreams, and how to get rid of them. Aside from answering guide questions, you can keep track on where you are by checking your timely status. It keeps you focused on your goal — to fulfill the dream or dreams that you have been long keeping.

The Dreambook is highly recommendable for all. Everyone is a dreamer, and this defines our very purpose on this earth. These dreams are not only for us, but it will bless the many others. Our dreams can come into fulfillment when we pursue them, ignite them, and live them.

And so, I have entered a new dream — dreams, rather, in the Dreambook After five years, I would be able to look at the Dreambook, and see where I would be by then. After dreaming of working in the media a little more than five years ago, I now dream to work in an international media company, and have my own show.

You can grab a copy of the Dreambook at all Powerbooks branches in the Philippines. I guarantee that the inner dreamer in you will be inspired and will rise up through this life coaching journal.

A little glimpse om what's inside Dreambook :)

A little glimpse om what’s inside Dreambook 🙂

Through the Pages of “Real Men Are POGI”: Getting Ready for My POGI Man Of My Life

IMG_20140720_185240At first glance, Ardy Roberto’s “Real Men Are POGI” is obviously written for men. With its tag line below it, “How to be Handsome in God’s Eyes para maging Ready for your God’s best”, it serves as a man’s handbook guide for Christian living. But no book lying on our living room table would be spared from my book-hungry eyes. Once I sat down flipping through page one, this lady bookworm enters a heart-to-heart talk for real men. 

I’m not used in reading taglish (short for Tagalog-English) books. But Ardy’s conversational tone caught me staying up to the last page (though I wasn’t able to finish it in one sitting). Reading this book is like listening to an interesting, light, lively talk on stage. Peppered with humor and anecdotes, Ardy puts his point that goes straight to the heart.

Without giving much away, I’d give you an idea what POGI means. In Tagalog, pogi means handsome. But the POGI Ardy is talking about here is a man whose character is approved before God’s own eyes: Pure, Obedient, Gentleman, Intense in his love for God, his lifetime partner, and his family. Wow! This is what a single woman would love to ask for!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Especially, when the world says to go with “what everybody does”. But the testimonies in this book encouraged me. Even the writer’s very own story of intense love for his late wife (how he stayed up with her to her last breath) and his newfound love touched my heart. (Oops…I’ll try not to give spoilers :P). As he breaks down the characteristics of a real POGI, I totally nod and agree that this is what I want…

And while reading, I was praying while reading the book: “This is the kind of man that I want God!!”

Although the book is addressed to men, I began checking on my character too. Being given a partner, I should also be a good steward in loving him. I should learn to be responsible in things, emotions, and thoughts. I should also learn to take care of myself so as to take care of him, too. The book serves as an encouragement that yes, there is that POGI man out there that God is grooming for me and that I am also being groomed for God’s best for me. I am also encouraged to pray more for his coming and to be prepared when he comes…in surprise!

This book goes like a checklist to the kind of man that God wants for me. Also, I’d recommend all my bros and my male friends to read this. 

It’s true that our character cannot be perfected especially by our own. But only by God’s grace we would be able to be changed from glory to glory. “Real Men Are POGI” is just one of the books worth reading, not only to men but also to ladies waiting for their God’s best.

Taking A Peek at “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”: A Therapy From Reality’s Bite

Since Thursday, I can't wait to go home just to read where I've stopped. And I'm glad to finish it this Saturday afternoon. If it weren't for work, I could have just finished this in one day :)

Since Thursday, I can’t wait to go home just to read where I’ve stopped. And I’m glad to finish it this Saturday afternoon. If it weren’t for work, I could have just finished this in one day 🙂

These past two weeks had been strenuous for me. So, strenuous, I’ve had dreams (or should I call them gentle nightmares) of my heavy coverages. I couldn’t believe woke up Monday morning from dreaming of Senator Bong Revilla when he surrendered at Sandiganbayan. It did horrified me when I woke up the next day after dreaming of Senator Jinggoy Estrada when he surrendered Camp Crame for the next day. These, the pork barrel scam issue, and other concerns at work, have been ticking me off when I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though I’ve been witnessing soon-to-be momentous histories, my job as a journalist is so exhausting and routinary, I’d sometimes think of quitting. If only I’d like to sit down and have a world of my own…or discover an extraordinary life I never had before.

So did Jacob Portman, the main character of a book entitled “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”. From a lonely life as a teenager in a well-off family, he did not realize what was in store for him as he discover the strange truth behind his grandfather and his own identity. Thanks to a good friend of mine, this book had been my theraphy after work. “Miss Peregrine’s” has served as an escape for me after the gruelling reality of news and politics. Every page brought me to Jacob’s world of Before and After and its ending made me hooked for what’s next.

Oops…I’ll keep myself from being a spoiler for those who haven’t read the book.

The cover might give the impression of a horror story for those who are not familiar with this book. An old past century photograph of a poker faced girl rising above the ground might give the creeps, add it with a backdrop of a couple of dead trees against an unexplored forest. But when you begin reading, it’s not meant to give you goosebumps with everything peculiar in the story. Rather, it keeps you excited in every mystery answered (and still undiscovered) in Jacob’s trip.

So, what’s up with Miss Peregrine’s House and her peculiar children? What’s Jacob’s doing in this book anyway? You have to read it to find out.

On the other hand, I’d like to commend the author Ransom Riggs for writing “Miss Peregrine’s”. It was very cleverly-made and creatively-rich for being his first book. Impressively, he put together a well-made story from a collection of vintage photos, as they all matched the narrative and the mystery it enclosed.

For those who wonder what “Miss Peregrine” has in store for you, all I can say it got all the mystery that Sherlock Holmes couldn’t beat and the excitement more worth than a 24-hour jet ride to your vacation. Yes, not to mention peculiar people (and children), time travelling, and odd but powerful opposition. Even my mom, a real book lover, couldn’t resist it. Now, she’s demanding for the second book. And yes, it’s published!

Now that I’m done with it, I hope I can begin with its sequel “Hollow City”. I need to convince my friend to lend it to me this week. 🙂

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