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The Shift

Have we missed so much of His great calling? Have we become lost through the years?

The 24/7 call is echoing into my heart again. But I don’t know what to do.

As I was going though Pete Grieg’s “Red Moon Rising”, I was so moved on how God moves to mobilize 24/7 houses of prayers across Europe. Young people gather to pray as that of the Moravian prayer house more than 200 years ago. I couldn’t believe how an antagonistic society as Europe become a hatching point of an unbelievable prayer movement no one has imagined through the years.

And I wonder how God can change an overly religious society just as ours.

The Philippines have had its taste of revival in the 80’s, the same season when the Iron Curtain was ripped open to let the world’s fresh wind breeze in and the Berlin Wall crumbled down to welcome the new world. It was also the time of renewal in every point of society, government and all. At the same time yellow ribbons and white flowers flew across EDSA when a new regime sat in, the church was making a cultural shift in our nation. This is what we have known as our pentecostal movement. Churches breaking from the known “idolatric bigotry” sprang forth, a new Jesus movement raged through, and countless young people gave their lives to Jesus, miraculously from drugs and vices. This was the time the church turned back to who Jesus is, and the Holy Spirit gave forth a fresh revelation of God’s love to us.

Fast forward twenty years. The Holy Spirit was quenched. We have lost our focus from our first love.

Why? We have become so engrossed with our “religiousness”. We love to talk about God but we do not pursue to talk to Him. We listened to all those great speakers but we did not pursue to listen to His Spirit alone. We keep on working in ministries but we did not wait upon His Spirit. We keep on doing good things, but are we still doing His will?

We keep on doing so much, but we don’t realize how burned out we are. We don’t realize that much of what we do are not aligned to what He really wants us to do. But enough is enough. He wants us to refocus at His heart.

And so I’m struggling. I want to hear Him again. But I don’t know what to do.

I’m itching to see revival in the land as the Moravians did after praying night and day, day and night. I can’t wait to see a sea of drunkards and drug addicts come to Christ in one snap of a finger. I can’t wait to see the Church spring forth in genuine love to the lost and the poor. Right now, it is the government who does the social work for the poor and outcast, because the Church prioritized conferences and ministries rather than love.

This is what the 24/7 HOPs are for. We are to call forth justice and deliverance. We are to refocus our identity as the Bride of Christ. We are to know more who God is. We have to realign once again into His perfect will by seeking His heart.

And this call came years ago. I’m almost at my thirties. And I still haven’t seen these 24/7 rise up. And I still don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to miss Your call again, Lord. Should one generation pass without doing what You want for our time, it would break Your heart and so will mine. I am but a minion. You are God and God alone. Will You come and rise up in our midst? We have never heard You so clearly, we keep on saying we heard You but we really haven’t. Come change our hearts, let us refocus to what Your heart really wants and go pursue Your perfect will. Your will be done and Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.


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