Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

The Reluctant Dog

Dogs are adorable animals in my opinion. But I couldn’t have one, since I don’t want to leave it lonely at home while I go to work. Besides, my mom would never have any other dog ever since her favorite dog died decades ago. We used to have dogs before, but they don’t last long. So, whenever I see one, I just look at it with fascination…and even make friends with them.

I can quickly make friends with dogs except for this one. And I don’t find that adorable.

When we came to visit relatives at the far end of the metro, a small pack of dogs greeted us with incessant barking. All of them stayed outside of the house, except for this one who always follow her masters. Her name was Benjie.

Benjie looked like a brown, jumbo hotdog with a small head sticking out of it. Whenever she lies down, her body spreads on the floor like a sagging pillow. She was fat, they said, because she sleeps on her favorite spot right after she eats. Like a spoiled brat, she dashes to her own sofa in the cluttered living room after finishing a plateful of left-overs.

But during the times we stayed with them, Benjie starred at me. Her big dark eyes, seemingly painted with yellow spectacles around them, couldn’t get off my direction. And when I try to touch her, she dashes away. Even when I walk towards her, she whisks away from me.

For the first time, I have seen a canine that was shy — really, really shy. I don’t understand why it was so scared at visitors. No matter how I tried to give it food, she ignored it. She only let me pat her head once — and never again.


Our relatives said that she had been traumatized by the loud, booming blow of fireworks every New Year. My mom said that the dog was obese enough to have a weak heart. Whatever the reason is, I tried to ignore the dog. If she doesn’t like me, then I don’t like her, too.

Still, she served her masters well. She was as good as a cat when catching and killing mice. Yes, she’s a dog that kills mice. Her masters said she just licks them and plays the little vermin in her mouth, like rolling a candy on her tongue. Soon, the mouse would be lying dead at the dog’s feet.

I guess Benjie was so used to the people in the house, she was not used to having visitors. She loved her masters very much, Benjie just enter into my cousins’ rooms and lie beside their bed.

Whatever the dog’s reason was, I don’t find her cute. Maybe because I did not get the attention I wanted from a dog, inasmuch as I want the attention of a friend. Maybe, not getting her friendship was good in the end, because I would not have the trouble of detaching from a dog after a few days of staying with them.


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