Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced


The shores of Dalahican, Quezon in the morning

Doing out-of-town television production has always been a love-and-hate moment for me. I’d hate it whenever I had to be separated from my mom, my bed, and my cozy little space. But this little resentment vanishes whenever that fresh, provincial air refreshes my soul, and every tree, rock, and un-Manila matter reinvigorate my eyes.


The Badjao community in Dalahican, Quezon

The quiet, little barrio of Dalahican at the province of Quezon was just like any seaside community. Most of those living here would have the sea and its riches as their source of living. Cramped in a portion of this shore was a little community of a tribe called the Badjao. It is their story and of a teacher’s everyday heroism that was what we were here for. Should you miss tomorrow’s episode of Tapatan Ni Tunying, you can watch it here.


What the sea looks like at low-tide

I have this secret fancy of the sea and its mystery. For three days, I could get the chance to hear the sound of the soft, rolling waves on the shores. I even dared myself by diving into cool, salty waters along with the other Badjaos (who pushed me back into the boat because I was too heavy…waaaaah). All these are too priceless compared to what the city can offer.

IMG_20151127_060606 (2)

I can walk on water (when dry)

But the best thing for me was the freedom to walk on dry seas in the morning. When the waters are pushed back, amazing sea treasures are revealed. The first streaks of dawn reflected the skies upon the waterless sea. Starfishes and sea urchins peeked together through the growing seaweeds. Shells littered along the dunes lined upon the sand. These are simple joys that I’ll never find in Manila.


Sea urchin and a starfish in a sea scramble


Say hello to Mr. Starfish 🙂

If there’s something I’d like to take home, that would be the memories of once being here in this wonderful place. That’s why, I could not help taking pictures while sticking around with the cameramen. And oh, I couldn’t help also but pick up the prettiest shells I’d find. 🙂 If I could, I’d like to come back…just to see, breathe, hear, and feel that I am alive. 🙂






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