Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

My first attempt to write a short story on Twitter. But not as good as those made by the British novelist David Mitchell. I was inspired by writers like him to put into social media creativity in literature. I was inspired by the gloominess of the weather and the silence in the kitchen. But I think what I’ve done could not keep the momentum I’ve placed on the first tweets for the story. Oh well, I’d be glad to have suggestions and tips on writing a good story on Twitter.

The ChairThe skies outside was becoming gloomier, covering the last hope in her frail, gaunt physique. #storytime

Lauren’s colorless eyes looked beyond the window, hoping for a knock on the door. Instead there was a scratch on her wall. #storytime

She turned and saw nothing, except for a pair of two glass-like eyes through the hole behind the chair where she was sitting. #storytime

As the pair of eyes glistened in the faint light of the dusty, yellow bulb, Lauren clutched the table beside her in shock #storytime

“Why are you afraid?” the voice coming from the hole asked. “I am your friend. I have been watching you.” #storytime

The elderly woman, now trembling, shuddered even more as the cold wind blew through the window. She braved herself to look closer #storytime

“Who…who are you?” Lauren asked, her raspy voice rising from her parched throat #storytime

The eyes drew away from the light as she tried to come near to see them. “I am…a friend.” It answered, its voice almost hallow #storytime

The thunderstorm roared outside. But Lauren’s attention was drawn to the strange hidden creature. “Come nearer.” She pleaded #storytime

“I have seen your tears and your fears.” the voice, hallow just like the hole where it was hidden, echoed in a bizarre tone #storytime

Lauren can’t shove off her attention the strange pair of eyes. Her fingers,like needles hanging loosely on a sewing machine,touched the hole

“Why are you here?” Lauren asked, trying not to hold her breath in her weakened lungs. #storytime

“To set you…free.” The creature said. “I have seen your struggles as you have nothing to pay this house. But I have a deal” #storytime

Oh, yes.Lauren has too old and weak to pay for this old house. They want her out so they can have her house and sell her property #storytime

“What is the deal, then?” Lauren asked, eager to hear the deal she might get. For the sake of freedom #storytime

The voice answered, its voice becoming more eerie, “Give me your reflection.” #storytime

Lauren laughed, struggling for breath in every snicker, “I won’t give youy relection. It’s too beautiful for you to have.” #storytime

The voice snickered in its eerie, hallow tone. “That is the best that you can give. If not, they will come and get your house.” #storytime

“I ain’t got money, I ain’t got anybody, so don’t get mine only face.” Lauren said. But then the pair of eyes slowly vanished. #storytime

“Wait a minute!” She cried, desperately trying to catch the creature as she plunged her fingers into the hole. #storytime

“The deal is done!” The creature said, vanishing from sight. Desperately, Lauren grabbed the kitchen knife. #storytime

For years, Lauren kept care of this reflection admired by the men around her. She would not let anybody have her reflection #storytime

Old as she was, tried to break down the wall as the pair of eyes sunk into darkness. She must force it for a better deal #storytime

But when she tore open quite a large portion of that wooden wall that housed the hole… #storytime

…not a pair of eyes but a piece of a broken mirror, reflecting a sagging, sad, bitter reflection she did not realize to have #storytime

The voice that she had heard was her own. And the eyes were the eyes of the unknown creature she had become. #storytime

At last the knock came upon the door. It was the lawyer she was waiting for. The only hope and salvation to save this house. #storytime

And when the lawyer entered she was nowhere to be found. All that was there was a torn wall and a broken mirror. #storytime

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