Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Crossing Over


It’s like dying. You are conscious of the things you are leaving behind. And the people who have been a part of you. You want to make sure you are remembered. So, you give these little objects — the useful and the bizarre — to friends who could use them soon enough.

My last week in this company has veen odd for me. I have not felt the surety of leaving all behind until I began to sort out my things. I remove mugs here and give them away. Pick the wallet-sized photos off my wall. Carry my most trusted notebooks from the dusty shelf. The moment I leave the table clean, the moment I knew my presence is detached from this place once and for all.

Four years of dirty desks. Four years of touching a world wild with national controversies. For years of struggling with dreams and frustrations. Then, this one moment of realization breaks the cycle. It’s time to go.

Why leave it all behind? For a breakthrough I’ve been expecting in all these years. For a shift that I am unsure how it will happen. For a destiny I’m about to cross over. I have sowed this four years with tears and heartbreak, of prayers and praise. And now this remarkable four-year ride is about to be replaced by an even greater adventure.

Thus, I give my bow. I am grateful, forever grateful, of what I’ve learned and loved in those four years.

Another season has ended. Another is about to open. I have crossed over. It’s time to conquer.

With these, may what I leave behind becomes fruitful, as I am about to be pruned again for the next harvest. With this, I bow, saying thank you for what I have become and what I shall become.


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