Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

‎I love to read. Even when I am on the road, I’d never stop reading. It’s like a sort of addiction for me. If I don’t read, I would know nothing.

The love of books was instilled into me when I was a child. My mom would always bring me colored fairy tale books and activity books everytime she comes home from her work as a public school teacher. I would also receive toys, but they would usually be matchboxes, building blocks, or playdoh from my dad who used to work in a Middle East country as an engineer. But my love for books weighed more than my fascination for toys. Because of that, I have would read the stories in my textbooks before they could be used in school. Sometimes, when I cannot find anything to do, I would read anything my eyes land on, even a candy wrapper.

When I was in high school, I was able to finish one book in a day — sometimes not dropping until the last page until the wee hours of the morning.

It has been a practice that stopped when I worked in the BPO industry. The heaviness of the graveyard shift hindered me to read loads of books in a week. But still, I’d force myself to check out the bookstore for good reads. Every pay day, I make sure to buy one paper bound of a fiction, a classic, or a devotional. I had planned before to build a huge library at the back of our house…which has not yet a reality.

I don’t buy as much books as before, but I guess I have been reading much more now than ever. I guess it’s because of my job. I get to read more news everyday as I need it. If I don’t get to read at least the frontage stories of the day, I feel helpless.

And because I have been used to reading, I always look forward to do this especially during waiting periods. I couldn’t even stop myself from opening links from news feeds at twitter while riding home.

But it pains me when I rarely find real bookworms in my generation today. I’m sorely disappointed when my niece loved computer games more than books. In our family, only my mom and I love reading. Usually, we’d trade books and discuss them. I wonder if bookworms are becoming endangered in this generation. This has been a dangerous thing.

A fellow journalist, quoting another source, said that reading newspapers every day in a year makes you three years advanced in thinking from your contemporaries. I guess it has been true for us journalists, sans bragging. But it would be good to see more people explore knowledge by reading.

But by reading, you don’t have to feed yourself everything with what you read. You have to analyze and take things critically (in a positive manner). Reading is a good exercise for your brain. If you’re a student, doing advanced reading helps you understand your lessons. Even at work, reading anything in connection to your skills help you improve in knowledge of what you are doing. But I would suggest that you read news everyday. It would help you analyze everything that is happening today. The big issues, even national ones, have an effect on our daily lives as a citizen of the world we live.

Reading has helped me a lot in my everyday living. I know not everyone’s fond of it but I encourage it as a good practice. Just reading my piece is a good beginning to this practice, I hope. We never stop learning as we grow up. And learning brings us to growth and improvement. 🙂

20140530-145505.jpg These books are from a friend’s office desk. But I love to see books piled up, and wish to borrow even one. I kept mine hidden in a cabinet at home


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