Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

This post was supposed to be published October last year. But due to forgotten circumstances, well, I guess it’s not yet too late to share a short lunchbreak mode with my crew in the middle of a busy day 🙂
photo (3)This is no dinner. But I’ve enjoyed this lunch as much as I enjoy dinner with friends. But this time, I had it with my crew right after an interview.
I’ve long been dreaming of this, eating in one of those unusual — if not common — restaurants in Timog at Quezon City. I wanted to have my own food trip but never had one. Instead, I had it with my team, who was fun to be with at work and at food trips. 🙂
For the first time, we tried Buddy’s at Timog in Quezon City. With a tinge of Pinoy relevance mixed with fast-food-resto culture, I loved its light and cheery atmosphere emphasized by the handcrafted sunflowers on the walls, chairs, and tables. The place looked quite airy and less crowded, much like welcoming us to take our time, even if we only got one hour.
Then here comes the Pansit Lucban in its sophisticated form. Origianlly, it

My cameraman, Kuya Albert and then assistant cameraman Gerry, enjoying the very Pinoy pancit lucban and bibingka (a Filipino rice cake)

My cameraman, Kuya Albert and then assistant cameraman Gerry, enjoying the very Pinoy pancit lucban and casava cake

was eaten without a spoon or fork. Traditionally, this kind of pansit is eaten straight from the banana leaf (which served as its plate). This is also called “pansit habhab” in Lucban, Quezon. Its strong, tasty, marinated flavor was even more emphasized with mixed with this sour and tangy vinegar. I just have to set aside its meat as I only wanted the vegetables and noodles.

Lunch was even made wonderful as it was ended with a sweet, soft, bite of the casava cake. A traditional kakanin (or “rice cake”), this one is made of  Even though three of us shared this seemingly small desert, it made us almost hard to breathe because we were too full.
But what’s meaningful from that lunch is not only trying a restaurant for the first time, but being ourselves while we eat, relax, and enjoy.
I could get to enjoy something new with people that I trust and enjoy to be with. These guys are just some of the best on the field, but are even better when they crack jokes out of the blue. But most of all, when we shared who we are, way beyond from what we are during work mode.
It’s not only the food that one can enjoy, but it’s the fellowship that we share. That one short hour is better than any quick lunch taken alone. Life is not what we can do by ourselves, but how we take worth of others and who we really are.

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