Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Work Refines Character

This is the rush hour season. It’s worst than cramming for your high school exams. You get loads of deadlines after deadlines. You have to finish special reports and year end reports or you’re dead. Welcome to the character crucible.

You end your work, get a good result, and air it on time. But usually, at the end of the day, when my eyes are half-closed, I realize I made grave mistakes: the epic failure of character realignment.

I admit I get tantrums. And like a kid I always demand my rights for my rights. But after the end of the day there was never any glory for no glorious character was exemplified. Just rights demanded for rights.

Work is good. It’s not the fault of work why I get tantrums. My reaction to pressure is a reflection of what I want.

And so I stay in the fire. And like gold, dross come out when heated into the intense flames. All I wanted was to come out pure. But am I ready for the removal of these dross?

I don’t need the excess dross yet all I thought they were a part of me. Would I oblige? I guess I still got a long way. Like gold, I am in a long purification process.



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