Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Overcoming the World

Great is the battle we’re facing. All of us are born idealists. We are meant to overcome. But only a few emerge from the ashes. It’s a matter of perspective on how we overcome. The worlds to overcome are paradoxial.

It’s not easy to change the world. We want to pull down strongholds of hopelessness, injustice, and corruption. But it can never be done if we embrace these very strongholds.

To overcome the world, we have to overcome our personal struggles. How can we pull down hopelessness if we lack hope within us? No injustice will be shaken if we are unjust to our very brothers. Corruption will flourish if we deny our tolerance to this base culture in our own daily practices. The weapons we use are formed by the values we uphold. We cannot charge towards the battlefield if we can’t escape the prison of our personal struggles.

We begin with ourselves, then we overturn the world. We see change when we ourselves are willing to change. History makers are overcomers. Overcomers overcome their own weaknesses.


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