Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

The Forerunner’s Call

She’s phlegmatic. I’m sanguine-turning-choleric. We’re totally different.
And yet it’s the meekness of the phleg that brought down the pride of the sanguine-choleric.

Our worship and ways are different. My songs are unknown to her world. I consider her a part of the old wine while I a new wine

Yet, this pride revealed that my wine is turning old and sour.

It was this Thursday night that revealed my weakness and pride and the call that I believe will make me to the one I should be.

While waiting for the service going home Thursday night, I borrowed the guitar, expecting some of the youngest members of our news team to join me. But none of them knew my songs, while doing another errand.

I went on, singing while strumming. She then asked me to sing one song I’m not familiar at, but was not satisfied with the chords I find in the internet and so she began playing her mp3 with the requested song for me to follow, she said.

But I was insulted, putting down the guitar.

I talked with her, saying how I was irritated by our differences. She said she was glad I was being honest as she shared how she wanted to start a small group.

Deciding to start prayer together, no plans, no blueprint, just go with the flow of His Spirit, I realized what a big fool I was. I was being irritated with such a small matter.

I realized this is how parents and their children war with each other. I condemned how some elders look down at the radicalism of my generation, but I never knew I was becoming like them.

It just took the humility of a younger girl to change my perspective.

I am called to be a forerunner, to lead younger generations to His heart. I have no right to turn them away, especially this young girl whose heart is pure before God.

My status, my position, and even the growth of my knowledge of the Word and experience as a Christian became nothing compared to her purity and “simple” joy of seeking the heart of God. There she was, wanting to start a small group or prayer to bring back the hearts of many to Jesus, just as I was before…but without a teacher.

And so I am ready to become a teacher and a parent to the likes of this pure soul.

But I can never be one until I submit humbly to the Lord and accept the differences of such children.

And so the hearts of the fathers turn to their children and the children turn to their fathers…

And let me turn to these young ones…I am called to be a forerunner and I must support and uphold and love them just as the Father is to me…

May I never forsake this call as I never forsake the humility of this girl.

Thus is the beginning of the forerunner’s race, paving the way for the pure Bridal generation and the way of His return.


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