Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

I would describe a horrible night as being stranded in a highway for one hour due to a malfunctioned bus. And this is one cause for a mega-stress mostly that I have to be in the office too early today for my assignment. But in the midst of it, I remained calm…and strangely less complaining, as if expecting a little miracle even after a longer period of time.

I don’t know, but as I stepped down the bus, this little song kept on playing inside my head

Think about His love
Think about His goodness
Think about His grace that brought us through

For as high as the heavens above
So great is the measure of our Father’s love

Great is the measure of our Father’s love

This is a pretty old song that used to play in our large cassette player in our living room when I was a little girl, the age when Sunday school was a trend for church kids like me. When my teacher had it played at my visit last weekend, it did not excite me (compared to rock worship like “Rain Down” or “One Way”) and yet it started to play back on the night I was stranded. And, oh, this line sank deep into my heart: “Great is the measure of our Father’s love”.

So for one hour, somehow, I did not want to complain, rant, rage or demand for a new bus to take me home…but waited… I just expected and dwelled in the thought His love is indeed great, it was more than keeping me safe. It satisfies.

What a little song did to me was to remind me of where I should be. And because of His great love, I have no reason to stay in the stress plain…because His love is bigger than my stress itself… 🙂


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