Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

My First Working Trip

Even though far away, still busy writing news for the dayDarn, I can't prove that Mt. Mayon is just outside the window...shoo, clouds! >_<

Oh, Bicol…my parents’ hometown. For the fourth time, I was able to return…thanks to the president’s event there. I consider this a blessing, that right after the event, we’d stay at a nice, clean hotel and eat good food – all for free! But what I’ve looked forward to is being back to my blood ancestors’ birthplace. From here, races were mixed, and hope again, for the nth time, I’d be able to trace my Oriental and Hispanic roots. Plus, I hope my budget is enough to buy pili nuts haha. I don’t mind if I have to write a lot. Right now, I’ll just write to my heart’s content. :))


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