Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Real Life Theories

Sometimes, the subjects that wacked your head in college come back to haunt you in real life. Now, who says theories are just theories. Theories are made because they’re based on real life observations – for some of them, at least.

I will never forget my report on Gerbner’s Theory of Communication. Maybe because I was frustrated not to get my intended expectation on how my report should have gone about then.

So what’s with Gerbner? He studied on how television affects a person: his thinking and his culture. Well, involuntarily, of course. But what was left in me was on how perception varies from watching TV. I mean, not all you see is what you get. For example, when the boob tube shows an unrest in a certain part of a foreign country, most people get the general perception that that whole country’s not safe for travelling.

A single word or a simple phrase can make a violent reaction. As I cover news on the political fora, I watched how a reaction can spur a series of rants…much like watching a telenovela on the primetime news. When somebody gives out an opinion on a certain issue, the opposing party, who might have missed out some words like “maybe” or “as said by” will react negatively. You really have to listen well to get the real message.

I see that the dangers of not getting your message through can be fatal. Words are never mere tools. It’s everybody’s bullet. But it’s up to us when or who to fire at. Each of us are made and raised differently. And so we take up information on different levels.

Now, at least in it’s minute sense, I can understand how my report goes. If I can turn back the time, I might have explained (and presented) it better. Oh, well, at least, it’s never too late to learn so much from life.


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