Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Gaining the Prize

I was quickly saddened on the religiousness that our church was holding on to. That’s one thing that keeps the church dry and one’s fire out even though it is jam-packed with a lot of awesome ministry works.

I heard our leader speak of gaining “first class” crowns upon the expansion of church networks in the world. Well, that’s good. But it’s more than building churches and doing works. It’s bringing souls closer to our Father’s heart. But by the sound of it, it sounded to me as if there’s no love for these souls at all and we’re after crowns. Are we not made to dwell with our beloved Father and not for crowns only?

A breakthrough is what some of us long for. A lot of us, though, glory in the works of our hands, making God look like a tough employer depending on sales. But God is not a god of earthly investments. He is a proprietor of love and eternal wealth. It’s so sad how people tend to rejoice in the number of saved souls without loving them at all. (Mark 12:31) We work as if we’re in a BPO company, striving to go beyond the given quota. Yet, God did not give any quota at all. Instead, He gave us grace, and all we have to do is to obey and love Him with all our hearts. (Mark 12:30) Isn’t God the God of love? When our Father loves, shouldn’t we also love at all?

We shouldn’t look at our own crown and glory. Indeed, we have a crown for every seed we sow but Jesus Himself is our greatest prize. He is more than enough. We are not made for crowns but we are made for the Greatest Prize Himself. He is our “first class” prize, after all. The moment we surrendered our lives and accepted His love and grace, we have received the greatest prize in eternity. May we keep our eyes on Him until the end of the race.

*PS…I’ll give a complete report on the Empowered 21 Asia Congress on the coming days. Just stay tuned 🙂


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