Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Spoiling the Left Overs

I love food. I’m the type of person who would have a hard time to resist good food, especially when you’re talking the cheesy and creamy ones. But on the moment I was diagnosed with chronic eczema, I have to stay away from them.
Although I’m getting better, until now, I have to stay away from them. The more painful thing is, the Lord is teaching me something during these days.
Fasting is the one thing I’ve been convicted of. But everytime I try, I break it. I can’t stay away from cheesy, chicken pastas or creamy choco desserts. I want to fast but I always break it. Now, I have to go the hard way. I was given a reason to stay away from my weaknesses.
It’s really true that when you give in to the seemingly good things of this world, consequences will follow. As a Filipino expression goes, “Lahat ng bawal, masarap” (Everything forbidden is tasty…hope I get my translation right :P). But eating too much of these tasty foods can bring negative results…aside from gaining weight.
But haing a skin disease is painful (for both body and pocket). But it’s not only fasting that the Lord is teaching me, He’s also teaching me how to live a positive mindset, and a how to discipline myself from anything tempting and sumptuous.
It’s not because He’s torturing me. It’s because He cares for me.
Many things in this world is so deceiving that even the nicest meal can be poison into our natural digestive system. They can bring satisfaction, but may fail to give us health. It’s a hard lesson, but I have to learn from it.
And so, I’m still in the learning process. But in the end, I have to get used to the result of this lesson. :))


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