Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Demolished to be Rebuilt

It’s a good thing when we rejoice in the works of our hands. With a thousand projects in our heads, it would sure be an accomplishment when we see a lot of them done in reality. We got good intentions but have we asked the Lord if these are His perfect will? Have we laid them all down before Him and consulted what’s in His heart? Are we ready for what He might say?

The Lord might let most of what we planned come to pass. But, sometimes, we become so focused in these things that we have forgotten what was originally assigned to us: to love Him with all our hearts, to love others as we love ourselves, and to go and spread the gospel. And oh, we forget the Kingdom concept where we should like in humility, holiness and hunger (Matthew 5:2-11).

We have forgotten our first love and we have forced ourselves with tasks that soon burn us out. We can say that these ministries, businesses, or such is for the glory of God. These things are not bad at all but have we even checked our characters when we handle these things and sought for what He really wants?

I hope we are not afraid to discover the truth. Not every good things and plans are really His because He surely got higher and better plans for us.

He might let us build these things but one day, everything we have built will be toppled down by the Lord Himself. But He’s not doing that to make us ashamed of ourselves. He’s just doing demolition to bring up a better structure – and this might be something that we never expected. In the end, when we see the result, that’s when we realize that His ways are better than our ways.


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