Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

Attack of the Friday blues

Here I am sitting in the empty working press area in Malacañang Palace. It’s a Friday, and the other reporters were just waiting for the early hours to wane along until it’s time for our daily press briefing. I usually love sitting alone while waiting for nothing, but a part of me sulk for not tagging along with President Aquino in China.

So, I am part-adventurer-part-bum. My dual personalities are so contrast that I wonder why my body does not tear itself in half. I’m no Jekyll or Hyde. But I guess these extremities make up the unique mixture of my personality.  Besides, it does not trouble me, since it can make me adapt to any extreme situation that may arise. Nice. 🙂

By now, Fridays like these causes me to lay back and stare…the week’s about to end and the fun is about to start. Oh, well, I’d better keep my adventurous side until next week…or until the President’s return. 🙂

Ah…Fridays…I love to lay back today. But I still got news to cover, although I’m sure we’ll be infected with the Friday sickness that would make us long for this day to end. 🙂


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