Willing to be Illuminated and Pierced

While walking to my office, I was facinated to see small butterflies flitting above a small patch of blooms and greens in a corner. Their existence in a highly-modernistic area seems ironic, yet having them in this noisy, fast-paced realm can be relieving.

It’s the same with right God’s presence. We are so used with the noise and the blunder this world create that we become numb of His love. Just like the butterflies of this small, grassy, patch, most of us would not take time to feel God’s embrace and comfort – or be even aware that He is longing for us. But once we stop, detach ourselves from the temporary glitter and dross of this world, if we seek His heart and His face we will be aware – and enjoy His presence much as I’ve enjoyed these butterflies.

Doing that may sound ironic – but this is the one thing that we’ve missed in so much of our lives: His love.

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